Does it sound like I accidentally removed my ethernet driver?

I was updating my graphics driver (a Nvidia GeForce 8800), so I decided to remove it from the computer like it's recommended.

During the uninstallation I removed 3 items along with the driver, to my dismay I didn't read the other 3 options very carefully.

When I restarted the computer I got an SMBus error, it tried to reinstall it but not having the CD or drivers ready I cancelled it. I didn't think much of it till later that night I tried to use the internet and couldn't connect.

My internet is working, my XBox has internet, it's not my router because the Xbox is also connected to teh router.

I am starting to think I accidentally got rid of my ethernet driver and that's why I cannot connect.

I am at work now but I had the idea that hopefully my motherbaord CD will have the ethernet driver.

However, I am not even sure if this is the problem. Does it sound like something that could have happened from uninstalling a graphics driver. I think read that nforce also controls ethernet drivers and that's possibly what I got rid of without knowing it.

If the my driver is not the issues or the driver is not located on the motherboard CD, does anyone have any other alternatives options?

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  1. Yup, you did it.
    You need to reinstall the driver for the network adapter.

    You can go the website for the manufacturer of the motherboard
    and download the driver. You need to know what model the board is.
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