M4A88TD - V EVO/USB 3.0

im ordering the M4A88TD - V EVO/USB 3.0 and it can only take 1333mhz ram without being overclocked and im using 1600mhz ram, how do i overclock and is it risky? thanks in advance
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    If your RAM is rated to 1600MHZ isn't overclock, just go to the BIOS, select RAM manual configuration and set all the specification of your RAM there. Don't forget set the voltage too.
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  3. im new to technical stuff on pc's mainly a console gamer but how do i do BIOS
  4. Check this: the 2nd and 3th pic are the same options that you have in your BIOS. Select DRAM Timings and change the following things:

    1- DRAM CAS# Latency = 1st number in your RAM
    2- DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 2nd number in your RAM
    3- DRAM RAS# PRE Time = 3th number in your RAM
    4- DRAM RAS# ACT Time = Last number in your RAM (usually the sum of the three previous settings CAS + RAS to CAS + PRE)
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