160 vs 500

what the difference in

power comsumption
read/write speed of

sata 160gb and 500 gb hdd

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  1. It completely depends on the make, model and generation of the drives. Be more specific.
  2. hatichi hard drive in Mac book alu 13 160 gb vs current generation WD 500gb brand new one
  3. Still need more info. 5400 rpm? 7200 rpm?

    In general, newer larger capacity hard drives will be a little quicker because they most likely have more dense platters. If the WD replacement drive is a 7200 Scorpio black, it should be noticeably faster than the older 5400 rpm Hitachi.
  4. both are 5400 rpm

    plz mention not only the read/write speed but aslo the power comsumption and heat.
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