Will 650 watt be enough for 280+260?

Hi all,

Right now, i have a Gtx280, and a Q9550.
I was wondering if my psu would handle another graphics card at my gtx280
I was thinking about the gtx260, so that i have a gtx280+ a gtx260.
But i dont know if i have enough power supply for that. My specs are:

-XFX Gtx280
-4 gig ddr2 ocz platinum
-650 watt Corshair PSU
-Evga 750i Sli FTW
-640 gb hard disk


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  1. GTS 280 + 260??????? I hope you intend to use the 260 as the physx card, coz they can NOT be SLI'd.
    And, no, your PSU is not enough. You will need at least a quality (corsair, seasonic, pc&P, Antec) 750W PSU.
  2. umm, don't get a GTX260, either get a GTX280 to match and another PSU or get a 9600GT or 9500GT for physics if that is what you were thinking

    though, not many title use physics so i wouldn't even bother
  3. I do agree with zipzoomflyhigh. More simple see how many pcie connector does your power supply has
  4. If it has four connectors required by your graphics card then it can handle
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