Power supply ?

ok so i need avise on my build

mobo-asus p6x58d-e
cpu cooler-zalman 10x extreme
cpu-i7 950
gpu-gtx 460 sli
box-cooler master haf 932
ram-corsair ddr3 1600 dominator 8-8-8-24

what power supply (make and voltage) would be best if i just want to overclock my cpu to atleast 4 ghz
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  1. Well a brand name like Corsair would be good, probably around the 850 to 1000 watt range. I think you may end up putting an unecessary strain on your system trying to clock it to 4 GHZ. A threat to warranty and stability for no discernable increase in performance is the likely outcome.
  2. 1. ENERMAX Liberty ECO 620W SLi Power Supply Unit 620W, Fan, Active PFC, NVidia SLi Certified

    2. ENERMAX Revolution 85+ 1050W SLi Power Supply Unit 1050W, Fan, Active PFC, NVidia SLi Certified, Modular
  3. I think the GTX460 is a 175ish W part. So two together will be around 350W. Lets say another 150W for your OC'd CPU and your at 500W. Another 50W or so for the mobo and other stuff, and a quality 600-650W will be fine. The biggest thing you need to make sure of is that you have enough PCIe plugs for two GTs460s. I personally would look at getting a 750W for plenty of headroom, and four 6 or 8pin plugs.
  4. probably vendor support VGA :
    if use DigitallAliance min remonded 450W
    with 2-way SLI we noticed power consumption for the GTX 460 peaked to roughly 435 Watts, that's not bad really as that is slightly higher than one GTX 480 yet we certainly are more powerful.
    i like corsair Vx550 good !
  5. would this be combatable and enough?
    Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W
    im am not going for the most expensive but value for money!
  6. A GTX 460 uses about the same amount of power as a GTX260.

    A good 750 watt PSU would be enough. It's just that a lot of us do not regard CM PSU's as "good".
  7. thanks for ur input.
    i did a bit of research and found the Corsair HX750W
    isnt bad.
    i just dont want to end up needing the Corsair HX850W
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