Will 650 watt be enough for a gtx260+gtx280?

Hi all,

Right now, i have a Gtx280, and a Q9550.
I was wondering if my psu would handle another graphics card at my gtx280
I was thinking about the gtx260, so that i have a gtx280+ a gtx260.
But i dont know if i have enough power supply for that. My specs are:

-XFX Gtx280
-4 gig ddr2 ocz platinum
-650 watt Corshair PSU
-Evga 750i Sli FTW
-640 gb hard disk


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  1. what would be the point of another video card? (different model)
  2. To answer your question, yes.

    The only reason to add a second card that is NOT identical to the first is for physics but for a high-end card that is a waste.

    Add a second GTX280 in SLI or else get a low-end one just for physics (there's a chart).

    I don't think we're very far from some new NVidia releases so you may wish to wait a couple months. You may want a new card or if not at least the prices should drop on the GTX280.
  3. Probably but... seriously WHY?
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