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Can you tell me the easiest site or article to learn how to overclock?

i want to find an overclocking for dummies type artice.i have read countless articles on other sites and still have difficulty about the process.
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  1. I have you tried the guide here on the forums? It's pretty dumb proof.
  2. Hi.

    Overclock means test-fail, so, you need start to "play" with the setting in your BIOS.

    Some tips before you start: Look for the max temp of your CPU and max voltage, check in Google the result that other peoples has with the same CPU that you have, you will not be able to use the same settings since all the specifications are different but can give you an idea how start and the limit.

    If you need more help, let me know the specs of your rig.
  3. i have been reading toms overclocking guide but i am still confused with everything except the cpu multplier.memory ram timings,voltage throw me off

    q6600 b3
    asrock p43de motherboard
    kingston ddr2 667 (4 1gb sticks) 4gb 5-5-5-15 1.8v
    hitachi 250 gb sata 1 hdd
    ecs 8800gts 320 mb video card
    coolermaster storm scout case with 2 additional coolermaster r4 side fans
    rodewill media card reader
    rosewill 600 watt psu
    lg dvdrw drive
  4. Do you have an idea how high you want to overclock? Are you using the stock intel heatsink? You wont get very far if you are, maybe a 10 to 15 percent overclock before temperatures become a problem.
  5. Best answer

    CPU frequency = CPU multiplier x FSB. In my case my CPU is x16 (multiplier) x 200 (FSB) = 3200MHz (stock speed). My CPU has unlock multiplier, that means that I can overclock the CPU in three ways:

    a- Rising the CPU multiplier, this not affect the RAM speed in any way.
    b- Rising the FSB, this affect the RAM speed because both FSB and RAM speed are linked
    c- Rising both CPU multiplier and FSB, this affect too the RAM speed.

    Now your CPU has lock which means that you only can overclock the CPU using the FSB. Like I say up, when you change the FSB the RAM speed also change, so, slow down the RAM speed before rise the FSB.

    How do you slow down the ram speed? In the BIOS you need look for "DRAM Frequency".

    I hope that this can help you more.
  6. i would like to get to around 3.0-3.5 ghz.i will be upgrading to better heatsink.i have amasscool cooler now.thanks saint19 that helps alot
  7. Can you post the exact cooler mode that you have? I think that you can get that speed with a little work, but I need know 1st the cooler that you have.
  8. MASSCOOL 8W553B1M3 90mm Ball CPU Cooler
  9. Don't go over 2.6GHz or 2.8GHz with that cooler, maybe is good but not for the overclock that you want.
  10. i know i will be upgrading soon.the asrock motherboard is wondering if i should sell the q6600 and go for one of the 45 nm intel quad cores maybe the q8400 or q9505 what do you think?
  11. Dont get a q8xx, if you can get a good deal on a q9450 or better than maybe.
  12. ok i only see the q9300 which is out of stock at newegg i will take a look at ebay
  13. i will stick with my q6600 for now
  14. Anything lower than a q9450 wouldn't be worth the upgrade. The q9450 might not be unless you plan on serious overclocking.
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  16. If you want upgrade go for i5, i7, Sandy Bridge or AMD and 775 upgrade is a waste of money.
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