Pentium 4 - 50$ Heatsink, help.

Hi I'm looking for a heatsink for my Pentium 4 in the range of 50$.
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  1. I would suggest you check out the Rosewill or Thermaltake ones I have a Rosewill CPU cooler and its great. Keeps everything under 40C during load.
  2. What socket? P4s had LGA 775, 478, and 423.
  3. Good question btw. To megamanx00 i mean.
  4. if don't want OC just buy original Stock cooling intel very very enough, don't waste money for pentium4 (old PC), save money for upgrade, it's the best
  5. @henydiah buying a new heatsink is probably cheaper than saving.
  6. yes cheaper, in the future P4 not wort & very very Old :non: , u much saving money for buy New PC/Upgrade ;)
  7. hendiyah makes sense... but then again i have a 8 year old Celeron pc still running good (for the missus)... so maybe OP wants to prolong its life AMAP... the stock cooler nowadays is available for less than $10... and should be sufficient in no OCing scenario... otherwise go with a $30 hyper 212+ (i know its overkill but OP has a budget upto $50)...
  8. of course ..... hyper 212 smart , quick & usable for Hi end Processor , it can take very easy for P4 proc .. wow , temp, temp...p very very low
  9. And he could OC the hell out of it, get that P4 up to some nice high clocks :3 If he got a non-stock cooler i mean.
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