New P6T keeps crashing during streaming video

so guys i have researched as much as i could before asking but no luck..
here is my system :

asus p6t motherboard
intel i7 920 2.66 ghz
corsair 6gb ram triple channel ( only 3gb of it is recognized by my 32bit xp pro)
1gb ati hd4870 video
seagate barracuda500gb and 250gb sata hard drives
no name(speed) 600w power supply

ok all these parts are brand new except the old power supply...i put all of them together last month and installed a fresh copy of xp pro service pack 3..
everything seemed fine until media player froze the pc up for the first time while watching a streaming live tv online..i had to restart the pc..everything was back to normal except my internet explorer 8 cookies were reseted ( all the passwords,log in info was erased from the websites that i visit daily)
since the first time it keeps happening randomly during streaming video either from media player 11 or any flash streaming video online,,,doesnt happen during a saved video or any gaming( nfs undercover,far cry 2,flight simulator) could happen withing the first half hour of the video or 1,5 hours later,,or i could finish watching safely after 3 hours...totally randomly happening...everytime it crashes,it resets my explorer log in information from the websites which drives me nuts!
oh and i forgot to mention that my windows clock happens to slow down when these crashes happen,,i find it 5 to 10 minutes behind at the day these crashes happen...

so here are my thoughts :

1 - it could be the cheap power supply which worked fine with my p4 3.0 system which cant handle this system?
my vcore volt is around 0.9-1.1 v
my 12v output is around 11.60-11.75
the rest of the values are 5 and 3.3v which is expected..

2 - it could be cmos battery (would explain the clock but not sure about the crashes) im gonna change it anyways..

3 - there is a bios update on my p6t , i dont know if i should go for it or not..would it be the problem?

4 - my ati hd4870 is using the latest catalyst driver from

5 - i have tried to start everest home edition 2.2 after downloading it to check power supply soon as i double click the program it restarts my computer and there goes my explorer log in info again!! couldnt get it working...

so im gonna lose it...what could the problem be? i would be happy to just buy a new decent power supply and replace the cmos battery if i knew those are the issues....

any ideas?
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  1. Definitely replace the power supply. It could take the entire investment with it.
    I recommend this:

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP 600W ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply compatible with core i7 - Retail $49.99 after rebate

    Seems like the battery needs replacement also.
  2. Don't upgrade the bios until the machine is stable.
  3. thanks for the link , i will get that psu and replace battery ,,and hope that it never crashes again,,im so happy with my system..
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