Asus gtx 280 vs XFX HD4890 vs XFX GTX275

Just wondering which one would be best for 1680x1050 resolution for games like crysis, assassins creed, call of duty 5 and future games. And a graphics card that overclocks well. For the other vote please post a video card that you suggest and i will look it up on my local store msy. BTW im from Australia. And this is pretty urgent cause i need buy the stuff by monday.
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  1. kk im getting the XFX HD4890 thx
  2. I actually used the XFX HD4890 for a couple of days before upgrading to something else. Nice card with a lot of power. The GTX275 happens to be half of the card that I upgraded to. I think I'd skip the GTX280 given the other options on the market, unless the price is just incredible.
  3. well the price for hd4890 is $465 GTX280 is 499 and Gtx275 im not sure cause its not in australia yet but since its same price of 4890 nearly i would guess $487?
    Aussie dollars btw not american
  4. utruurt
  5. the HD4890 the card bites basiclyits awsome for its price, and its alot of card with alot of personality (like being a physco)
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