BFG 9800GTX+ crashes on GTA 4 + COD 4 since system upgrade

Hello, I mentioned this in another thread becuase I found a work around that may help someone else, but if possible I would like some help on getting to the bottom of this problem.

Since a system upgrade I am experiencing what look like GFX card realted crashes occasionally when opening media files (system hangs and pink blocks writen across display) and in games such as COD4 modern Warfare and GTA4 (crash the system after a few minutes, Task manager is available, but system hangs when killing the process requiring a restart).
It looks like the GFX card is hanging. Here is my setup:

MB: Gigabyte S775 Intel P35 ATX DDR2 Audio (GA-P35-DS3 Rev2)
Mem: 4X1GBKIT 240PIN PC2-8500 DDR2 (OCZ 8500 SLI)
CPU: Intel E6550 S775 2.33ghz4mb
Disk: Caviar SE 160GB S300 8mb
Sound: SoundBlaster Audigy SE 7.1 OEM
PSU: DABS 650W PSU Black 12cm SATA PFC (branded Atrix)

I think have the latest drivers for all components, including recent (march) nVidia drivers for the BFG. I uninstalled teh drivers before installing the new ones, although I suppose somethings could be left over.
No overclocking.

My system worked perfectly until I upgraded the graphics and memory recently and added the Creative SB Audigy card and PSU.

My memory went from 2Gb OCZ 6400 to 4Gb OCZ 8500 SLI, and in desperation I tried slowing it down in the BIOS to 6400, which has fixed the crashes in both games.

However I'm still trying to work out what has gone wrong. Does anybody think a BIOS update help? This problem seems a fundamental hardware issue, I'm thinking about taking the GFX, Mem and Audio out and putting it back together again with a power up after each component to see if it refreshes a timing setting somewhere. Is this likely to help?
I once got a GFX memory error (something to do with latency timings I think) written to the event log but normally I get no messages.

I've run the OCZ memtest utility and no problems were found. The Memory is on the Gigabyte supported list for this MB (

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Test the memory at the highest speed for errors overnight with memtest86+.
    Is the memory at the right voltage?
    Could also be a bad video card.
  2. Try the video card in another computer.

    That power supply brand is new to me. Never heard of.
    It might be causing some problems.
    Test with a different power supply.
  3. THanks evongugg, I've tried memtest86+ and it's fine. I'm starting to worry that it's the PSU or card, I don't fancy shelling out for a new PSU though on the off chance (it's brand new). I'm thinking of raising this issue directly with BFG and see if they can help (I hear they are pretty good).

    Can you recommend a good PSU brand if i do decide to get a new one?
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