Hi guys,

New here, but long time reader.

I have just put a rig together. Q6600, P5K, 2Gb DDR2 800Mhz A-Team 5-5-5-15, EZCool 600w, HD4850.

I have currently got it OC'd to 3.3Ghz on a 360 FSB with the Vcore set at 1.400v

I am using a Arctic Freezer 7 Pro cooler and the temps are 44 degs idle & 68 under load with Prime95.

I'm just wondering what you guys would recommend as a peak voltage/FSB combination.

I dont want to thrash the a&*e off this, but i feel it is still a little sluggish on opening just the basic programmes (firefox, thunderbird, media player, nero etc)

Any ideas?
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  1. Having both a Q6600 and an ACF7P, I can tell you that you are right about at the limits of what you have. Iwas able to reach 3.6 GHz with a better cooler.
  2. Ok, What heatsink would you recommend for getting more out of it? I'm not too fussed about the reduced life of it, as i have a Q9550 sat here doing nothing. But wanted to see what i could get out of the Q6600.

    What do you think the cause of the sluggish performance? Even when i take it down to 2.8, it is still sluggish.
  3. Sluggish? Compared to what?

    I have three Core2 machines in my home network:
    GA-EP45-UD3P | Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (425 MHz X 8.5) C3 stepping :(
    GA-EP45-UD3L | Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (400 MHz X 9)
    GA-EP35-DS3P | E7500 OC'd to 4.1 GHz GHz (373 MHz X 11)

    The Q9550 is a dedicated gaming/multimedia system.
    The Q6600, now turned down to 3.3 GHz, is a dedicated torrent box.
    The E7500 is my workhorse system.

    They all run internet and office apps at about the same speed. And because they are all fast enough for what I am doing right now, I have no immediate plans to upgrade.
  4. If opening programs is slow, you might want to look at your HDD, as that is the limiting factor in regards to loading applications.

    You may also be low on usable memory. Open task manager while you have a few programs open and see how much "physical memory" you are using.
  5. Sluggish compared to my old E5400. It used to open programs with no problem, used to be quick at video encoding also.
    I have 3Gb ram in here at the moment. 2x1gb dual channel, 2x 512mb dual channel. With firefox, thunderbird, skype (in call) and bittorrent open it is as follows:
    Total 3071
    Cached 1588
    Available 1807
    Free 272
  6. Im running 7 Ultimate x64. Had a fresh install 2 days ago. Fully defrag'd, WD diagnostics check returned 100% pass. I also have a 640Gb WD drive, but that is just for storage.

    I dont know why i went to Windows 7, i much prefer XP. Never had any issues with it. Better still Ubuntu.

    I will have a play etc and see what i come up with.

    Thank you all for your help so far.
  7. Ok, I will order a 4gb kit of OCZ DDR2-800 and get back to you. With doing alot of video encoding/photoshop'n, would you say 6Gb is an overkill? I can keep my current 2Gb and add in the 4gb, both configured in dual channel mode.
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