Stuck between 3 cases

Ok guys, I'm not sure which to go with between the 3 of these for my build..

Thermaltake V9 w/ Window

Coolermaster CM 690

Antec Three Hundred

I've heard good things about all 3 of these cases.

EDIT: I guess I should also add that I need to fit a GTX260 in there
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  1. Antec 300 if you want a smaller case.
    Other wise if you want a bigger case the CM 690 is roomier and has better airflow and is tool-less interior.
  2. CM 690
  3. CM 690 is a good fit for a huge video card.
  4. cosmos s ftw!
  5. This should help you decide:

    Huge case!
  6. Thats what I ended up buying haha. So now I have all the parts besides the stuff I ordered the other day. Motherboard, HDD, and PSU. Should be coming tomorrow or Friday. Building it on Sunday. Haha SO excited.
  7. The cooler master is a good case. The Thermaltake looks like a clone of the Antec 900.
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