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Hi, how is it going? I currently need an after market cooler for my GPU, and am looking at these three choices.

1) Accelero S1 (rev2)

2) ZF 900 zalman

3) any other reccomendations (better cooling performance)

My stock running temp is about 40~39 deg celcius on idle, and 50~54 deg celcius on load.

the reason im considering a new cooler is because, well, i would like to hopefully see an improvement in the temp of my most loved component of my computer.

Im also a little worried as I was in the process of installing a fan when my wife called me from work, and i accidentally pushed the wire against the GPU card's fan when it was running and it made a slapping noise and now i am worried if I damaged it in any way... sniff

My card is a 9600gt, the stock cooler kind of looks like this (i found the image off the net)

i have two 9600gts and plan to sli as soon as i can get a sli capable motherboard (which might be a while as im under budget LOL)

thanks guys, I hope you reply soon as im DESPERATE! lol
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  1. any ideas anyone?
  2. Scythe Setsugen
    Compatibility: nVIDIA®:
    Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 12 mm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.47 in
    Fan Speed: 800 (± 30%) ~ 2.000 rpm (± 10%)
    Noise Level: 19.53 ~ 33.67 dBA
    Air Flow: 19.40 ~ 45.47 CFM
    Supplied Fan: Scythe Slip Stream 120 mm SLIM (PWM)
    Overall Dimensions: 180x33.5x139 mm / 7.09x1.32x5.47 in
    Weight: 375 g (13.22 oz)
  3. For the budget you are using for the fans, perhaps just getting a single, better card would be a better option? (Of course it would cost more, but you could always Ebay the other 2 cards to offset cost.)

    Check out

    They likely have something that will fit your fan (most GPU coolers are somewhat universal with included hardware) and you could at least do some comparison shopping there.
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