AMD 955 Water Cooling vs Air Cooling, Help?

I will be overclocking an AMD Phenom II x4 955 (3.2ghz) to 3.8ghz. I have two cooling systems in mind. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, and a Corsair H50 Watercooling system. Which is better? I am leaning toward the Corsair, just for size purposes, and also cooling capability (from what i've heard). I have also heard the CM Hyper 212+ has great OC cooling capabilities....what is the opinion here at Tom's? and if you have a suggestion for cooling(<$100 please!) post it!
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  1. pyrogx said:
    I am leaning toward the Corsair....what is the opinion here at Tom's?

    Oh, this is gonna be good.
  2. delluser1 said:
    Oh, this is gonna be good.

    ^ :lol:
  3. Hyper 212+ in a push/pull setup

    the H50 is actually a really bad cooler for the price the Hyper 212+ outperforms it with just 1 fan and is 30$....if you want "pseudo water cooling" you need to get the H70 which isnt worth it

    get a Hyper 212+ i have my Phenom II X4 at 3.9ghz on a Hyper 212+
  4. Watercooling* H70 $103 better than WC H50 & Air Cooling *
  5. since you have a H50 go with it... it performs better than the hyper 212+ any time of the day... if you were going to buy then i would have suggested hyper 212+... its price/performance is phenomenal...
  6. OK folks...will repeat this yet again here...

    The Corsair H50 (and H70) is not real water cooling. It is a closed loop with an underpowered pump that does not allow you to maximize the amount of radiator space on your cooling loop. For the price you would pay, you get better performance out of almost any other high-end air cooler out there.

    Kit "watercooling" solutions are not the same as water cooling. Custom loops allow you to get CPU temperatures that you could only dream of with air cooling at about 3-4 times the price of air cooling.

    You should really only consider water cooling if your build falls into one of these categories:

    1) You want to get the best sustainable cooling performance
    2) The space you have available in your build will not fit sufficient air cooling for your hardware
    3) Noise levels are extremely important to your build (i.e., sound studio equipment, etc.)
    4) You want an extreme overclock, but don't want to deal with the headaches of sub-ambient cooling (phase-change, thermoelectric, LN2, etc.)
    5) You have the time and patience to wade through years worth of reading to understand the ins and outs of water cooling

    Water cooling is not hard, it just takes patience and a willingness to learn. You also have to be able to accept that you will void the warranty on just about any build you put together.

    For everyone else out there, please stick with air cooling. You will get great performance out of such kit. Even the H50 and H70 is good kit, just a bit on the overpriced side. But don't think, even for a second, that either of these kits are real water cooling.
  7. The XSPC Rasa watercooling kit is about the closest thing I would suggest to a person getting into watercooling. The H50/H70 disappoint more often than they amaze. Yes, they are simple...but they are designed that way, for the simple minded person that wants to brag they have watercooling, but don't want to/know how to do it themselves.

    I completely agree with Houndsteeth on this one...this information should be SOME OF THE VERY FIRST that anyone thinking about watercooling should look into.

    Please read...A LOT:
  8. OP said he has a h50 and a hyper 212+ and wanted to choose the better of the two... i dont think he is interested in watercooling since the budget indicated in low... but nevertheless Houndsteeth gave a very good explanation on the need of watercooling for someone who may read this post...

    but sticking to the matter in hand, i recommend pyrogx use the h50 for now... maybe later he can think about watercooling kits...
  9. abully said:
    OP said he has a h50 and a hyper 212+

    He said that he has those "in mind", not that he has them.
  10. ^Right.

    Might be better off sticking the the boxed OEM cooler until he determines his needs/wants further, then make a decision which way to go.
  11. and even if he had both the h50 and hypre 212+

    if you look @ benchmarks the hyper212+ wins 9/10 if its running a dual fan setup
  12. Still, regardless of the cooler, case airflow and ambient temps matter more than the choice of which exact cooler over another. If you don't have the airflow, there isn't a cooler around (with the exception of LN2 or a compressor) that would work very well.

    And regardless of airflow, ambient temps trump any airflow...
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