What should i buy

i only have a 250watt power supply and i cant upgrade it so what video card should i buy

a BFG GeForce 6200 Video Card - Overclocked Edition, 256MB

or a

EVGA GeForce 6200 Video Card - 256MB
this can play spore at medium
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  1. Which system is it? Does it have a PCI-E slot? Does it need a low profile card or can it use a normal, full sized one?
  2. it has one pcie slot the system is a p4 (i think thats what you mean by system)
    it can use both normal size and full size
  3. I`d look more towards the HD4650, it`s much faster, has 512Mb of memory and draws only slighty more power (4Watts more) and it`s a similar price, at least on Newegg but that will vary depending on where you are.
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