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While replacing a Comcast broadband modem with an ATT Motorola 2210 dsl modem, I managed to lose connectivity to my desktop and network drives.

System is XP pro sp3 on a desktop, hardwired to a Linksys BEFSX41 router. Network is on a machine with Small Business Server 2003, also wired to the router. The router is connected to a wireless Linksys WRT54GS. The ATT modem is wired to the wireless router. There are 3 other laptops and a desktop connected to the router wirelessly, and all have lost access to the network drives.

The BEFSX41 is set up with a static IP, and the BEFSX41 was left at the factory default settings. PPPoE is on the ATT modem, although the setup directions call for the modem to be bridged, with the PPPoE on the WRT54GS. I couldn't get any Internet connectivity with the ATT modem in bridged mode, so I went with what worked.

Any clues as to how to reconnect to the network drives and desktop? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Check your IP addresses on the computers.
    They should all be in the same subnet.
    Meaning only the last digits are different.

    DHCP server should only be active on only one router. The one that is your internet connection.
    And should be set to assign addresses consistent with your network.

    If you are using the WRT54GS only for wireless connections, then the
    NAT on the WRT54GS should be disabled.
  2. Thanks lyleb - I'm playing with settings now; stay tuned. Adjusting network settings may be as natural as breathing for you, but I'm just getting my feet wet. I'll post again (hopefully soon) with an update.
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