Bios resettng itself after changes

Im trying to overclock my E6300 Core2Duo , my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-965p-S3 and memory is 4 x 512mb Corsair XMS2 PC2-5300.
After reading a few guides and seeing what others have done i made the following changes to the bios.

In Advanced BIOS:
disable CPUID Max 3
disable non-execute memory protection
disable C1E
disable TM2
disable E1ST
disable Virtualization Technology

In PC Health Status:
disable smart fan control

In M.I.T:
cpu clock ratio x7
cpu host control - Auto (cant change this or lose all settings to default)
cpu host frequency at 266 (cant change this either)
PCI Express frequency at Auto (cant change this either)
Disable CIA2
System memory multiplier at 2.00
DRAM Timing Manual at 4-4-4-12

If i hit F10 and save these setting all is fine, desktop loads in and cpu-z shows memory at 333.3Mhz , FSB:DRAM is at 4:5 and 4-4-4-12.
Then if i change pcie frequency to 100 and hit F10, the bios takes ages to appear and when it does, all RAM settings and pcie freq settings have been lost and are at default. The same thing happens if i even enable cpu host freq and leave it at 266.

Anyone know why its doing this?
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  1. I think I would replace the motherboard battery, the silver round one. Disconnect the power cord, take it out, and take it to the nearest computer supply store to get a new one that matches size and voltage.
  2. ha.... you lucky man, virtual machine active keep mobo safe,.... if don't your mobo damage ! you do Overclocking extreme to the point! fix it.!
    Overclocking need patient & Step by step in Bios vcore, Vdim, CPU Clock Ratio, Etc
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