Overclock Depends On OS?(E4500)

I had My Cpu overlocked to 313GhZ b4 without any problem.
Os was wins 7 ult 32 bit
4 gb (3.00) usable.
Decided to upgrade to 64 bit which is wins 7 Enterprise.
All overclock settings stay the same but it does not overclock.
Tryed lowest setting possible 200x11 to 201x11 still nothing.
anyone have any clue?
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  1. Overclocking, if done in the BIOS, should not depend on the OS.

    System specs?
  2. As said, overclocking has nothing to do with the os.

    Btw, did you flash the bios or change any settings in ?
  3. Thx for replays but as stated, Nothing has changed in bios, jus upgrade the os, now could not overclock even at lowest settings.
    OS:WIns 7 Enterprise 64-bit
    Mobo:Gigabyte p35c-ds3r
    Cpu:E4500 (2.20Ghx)
    Bios:Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG

    SHouyld change title to "OS Affects Overclocking?".....
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