Intel DQ35MP - anyone heard of it?

Hey peeps...

My supplier here has this mobo in stock...every other mobo he has I have seen online reviews on them...but this one is a slimey one...I have never seen a review on this mobo not ONCE...

Any chance one of you guys have OR heard of it? Is it good?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. There are several reviews out there for this board. Just do a google search for : intel dq35mp review. google is your friend
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    I have used that board in about 30 computers builds. Its a nice decent quality intel board. Just make sure u use all Sata drives.

    Out of the batch i dont beleive i had ne take a dump. I dont work for that company anymore but i didnt have ne DOA in the box or issues installing windows from what recall.
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