Best Aftermarket Water Block maker?

I've recently researched on some "Aftermarket" water blocks, and it seems like there are two companies that do a good job:
1. EK Water Blocks
2. Koolance

Who else make good water blocks? If I was to water cool my CPU, should I use kits made by like Corsair? The H70 seems to be pretty good. Also, if you have a larkooler or you know about it, please tell me the performance of it. Larkooler was rated the coolest cooling system in a chart by Tom's Hardware, but I don't think it's so famous. Tell me anything about it, thanks :D
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    No to the H50/H70. They are junk for price/performance.

    Larkooler is junk as well, I think it is just a rebranded Thermaltake Bigwater kit from the looks. (Also, of which is junk)

    Koolance makes decent blocks, as does EK. Swiftech and DangerDen are also other major players in the watercooling market.

    Please do yourself a favor and read up on a lot of information:

    Also read the stickies at the top of the Overclocking forum page; many of these links are provided there as well.
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  3. And please don't forget, if/when your W/C loop takes a leak all over the innards of your PC, was it worthwhile over decent air cooling?
  4. Then you didn't do it right to begin with...thus the need to learn how to install it before...not after a disaster.
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