9800gt Low profile or Gts 250 on 305 Watt PSU

Hello, My Current rig is
1- Set of 2x1 gigabyte DDR2 800mhz Ram Clocks are..5-5-5-18 at 1.8v.. uhm and its pc 6400
1- 320GB HD
1- AMD 5400x2 at 2.8 GHZ 65watt
1- 9600GT
1-DVD/CD-RW Drive
1- USB keyboard
1-USB Mouse.
1- Headset
as you can see, i dont have many peripherals
Current monitor is a 19" max res is 1280x1024. Now it hasnt been much of a problem with mmo gaming lately(WoW.AoC), but ive felt the need to upgrade. More MMOs are coming out with updated graphics..Shader 3.0..

I want to put in either a Low profile 9800GT for The Lower power usage benefit, or a GTS 250. I Was wondering, could either of these cards run on a 305 Watt PSU? Ive looked at some benchmarks, and they both use around 250-280 Watts in usage on the pc benchmarks in combined power, not just the GPU. Giving my PCU from 55-25 extra watts. I dont use much Extra juice for Outside usb things, maybe a flash drive every now and then for work.

I just need this rig to last alittle longer, maybe till 2010 around jan then i will overhaul and get a new rig..
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  1. Tell us how many amps you have on the 12v rails in your PSU.
    Look at the label inside the computer.
  2. Is this a Dell computer? For power saving wise I'd think that GTS250 saves more power than a 9800GT.
  3. i ran the 9800GT off the dell 305w PSU. FYI, you will not see a large upgrade in FPS from the 9600GT to the 9800GT. I ran both on my PC.
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