How Much Wattage? i7 build

Hey everyone!

I am in the process of spec'ing a new build that I plan on making within the month. Spec are as follows

i7 290
OZC Gold DDR3 1600 2x3 (an additional 6 in the future)
EVGA nvidia 260 GTX OC edition (will go SLI eventually)
WD Raptor 150GB
Antec 1200
1 DVD drive
1 media card reader
possible bluray in the future
a CPU cooler in the future (either dark knight or V8)
a WD caviar black 1TB SATA in future

i dont know what PSU i should get to run all that? its sort of confusing. i was thinking id be all set with an 800-850w, but im not sure. any help you could provide me would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I'd say something like a Corsair 650W PSU, or Antec, PCP&C
  2. would that really be enough?
  3. You only need a 650W to power that build, even with SLI. However most 650W do not come with enough PCIe power cables. You could get molex to PCIe adapters. However you should just go ahead and pickup a minimum of 750W, PSU. Just choose popular brands that AKM880 listed.
  4. I'd lean towards a Corsair 750 or 850, as much as anything for the extra cables.
  5. i think im going for the corsair 850. does it have more cables than the 750? if not, then i guess ill just go with the 750.
  6. I loaded up the power supply calculator, and it said 516w and 37 amps on 12v for that CPU, GPUs, both hard drives, the BD drive, like 5 fans (you never know), and a sound card for good measure.

    a 650w would be sufficient, even if you decide to overclock. Just make sure it has high amperage on the 12v rail(s).


    Whoops, the PSU I linked to only has two 8 pin connectors.
  7. thanks everyone!
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