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Is there a way or a program that allows you to choose which copy of Windows XP you want to boot at startup if you have multiple copies of XP installed on one machine? Without always going into the Bios? Thanks for the help!!
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  1. What you can do is boot up one copy of XP, go to Start-> Run-> msconfig-> "BOOT.INI" tab-> "Check All Boot Paths" button. I've never had this exact issue, though I believe this should fix it. Alternatively, you can create a small partition on one of your HDDs and make a tiny Linux install, which will automatically install the GRUB bootloader. A small Linux install is especially useful when you have to recover data when your windows fails.

    Hope that helps!
  2. I have a copy of kubuntu that I was thinking of playing with, so if I install that on a small partition on the larger of my harddrives, that will create a loader that gives me an option of booting either one of my Win XP harddrives or the Kubuntu desktop?
  3. Yep. That's the beauty of the GRUB :D
  4. type in addressbar c:\boot.ini then press enter you see the boot list of operating system now delete the operating system path which u dont want to boot & save it in the time of saving it says unable to save then save it to desktop on the timpe of saving change file type to all files & give the nave to file boot.ini

    now cut it from desktop & paste it on c: (c drive)
    it says to replace then yes

    u all done enjoy bro....

    tips :- on startup u see two operating system if u choose to start 1st then erase second from file if u choose 2nd the erase the first ... by doing this the dual display of operating system will now show on startup only starts the operating system which u want to start (automatically)...

    dont be selfish dude say thanks to me if its works if doesnt contact me @ RAGHAV_GROUP70@yahoo.com
  5. , I just went ahead and installed the XP on a second hard drive and when the computer boots, it already asks me which OS I want to load and displays the two instances of XP. I just pick one and it starts with no problems. Thanks for all the help!!

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