O/C i5-750 and P5P77D-E

I finally hit 200x20 with 1.24v load temps is 49C on the hottest core 18C ambient (30 mins of prime - my longest test ever).
Rest of voltage are unchanged. I'll probably have to up that voltage a bit for full stability but it looks good so far!
By knowing the VTT (IMC on my board) is the thing that kill your CPU on the long term I am wondering if it even worth to up it. Should I just try to push the Vcore until I get stability on all cores (in the case I have to)?

What is a "good" value for the VTT. I know 1.4v is the max if you love your CPU but what would be a good safe n nice value (considering all CPU could be the same)?

Is it too high as voltage?
Offset voltage: 1.2375v (BIOs)
VTT 1.16875v next value is yellow @ 1.175v

Too low?

DRAM 1.35v (eco g.skill stock volt)
PLL is 1.8v (min)
SB is min value 1.05v

I am wondering how long you have to run prime to consider CPU fully stable? I've been playing with setting for like 2 hours while doing my laboratory and I am kinda tired of this now :-/

I just want it to run at 4Ghz and even 4.2 if I find the time to :p


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  1. What CPU Cooler are you using out of curiosity?
  2. NH-D14 Tri fan set-up Gthyphoon/kazemaru2/GT

    The temps are not really accurate as my room is pretty cool the winter (around 18C).

    I managed to overclock to 210x20 & 210x21 and the temps scale at 5c per multiple if my room is really cool (15C). I noticed that higher is the room temp, higher is the temp difference.
    W/E it is a really good cooler even if using the stock thermal compound!

    I am pretty sure that the good performance of the cooler is also due to my wind tunnel of 6 fans (including those on the cooler).
  3. Impressive.
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