Need to install a new video card on P5KPL AM SE


I need to install a new video card on P5KPL AM SE to replace the built-in one (Intel GMA3100). What should I do? Just plug in the video card? Do I need to disable the integrated video card one (Intel GMA3100)? Do I need to set any jumper?

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  1. Uninstall the Intel drivers.
    Install the new card. Hook up the video to onboard.
    Go in the bios and change the video source from onboard to PCIe. Save and exit.
    Hook up now to the video card and install it's drivers.
  2. Thanks evongugg. Actually I did it last night. It was a simple install. Just plug in the card and the mobo recognizes it directly. Now, I have another issue with the sound. My monitor has a built-in speaker. After I attach it to the mobo, I only hear when the window just started (window start sound event). After that, I don't hear anything else. Any idea?

  3. go to Asus website at "P5KPL AM SE" and "Download" choose your OS and go to Audio for drivers and your fine..
  4. is there any graphic card that is compatible with that mobo? i am low budget if there's an option..thnx
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