I need help with Highpoint Rocket Raid, partitioning. Pics included

I have a highpoint rocket raid with currently 3- 500gb drives set up for raid 5
I'm adding another 500gb drive. I create a spare disk out of it, create a new array by adding the disk so this is what the screen shows.

When it finishes, it only shows the 1.5tb capacity so I'm stoked and about to go move files onto the new array, but then I see this

I'm wondering why my other 500 is not shown, so I do a restart of windows, thinking it needs to update. After restarting, there is no change.

So I go to the disk management and I see the following **IMPORTANT*** This is not the actual screenshot because i deleted the array to start over.

Im using this picture as an example, because disk 0 is what disk 2 looks like after i integrate the 4th 500gb drive into my raid 5 array.

So my RAID which is disk 2 in the picture ends up looking like disk 0. my 3 500gb drives all together and the 4th drive shows up on disk 2 as a separate 500gb unallocated space partition, with the only option I have is to format it as a ntfs drive and assign it a drive letter.

What am I doing wrong? How do I get it to show up as 1 drive with 1.5 TB?
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  1. I found this posted on another discussion and think it may be my answer.

    In disk manager for instance if disk 1 were your array you will see more unpartitioned space on that disk. Step 2 would be in windows and this is how you use that space, you can try to resize the partition you have that has data on it now and use the entire volume/disk to be 1 drive letter/partition or you can delete the partition you have and re-create it using the entire volume and have it all in 1 drive letter in windows.

    Do I need to change the raid drive do GPT? Dynamic? and then in disk manager expand the volume?
  2. this time around, I just clicked on disk 2 and extended it and it worked great.

    But I am curious, was dynamic drive the right option and should I have chosen gpt ?
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