4890 on gateway?

hey guys, I'm a few days from ordering my new GPU (next week) and i was going for the ATI HD 4870 x2 but you and other questions got me thinking if i should go with the 4890 instead. I'll be running it on a 19" LCD in my Gateway DX 4200 09.
Type AMD Phenom X4 9100e / 1.8 GHz
Multi-Core processor technology Quad-Core
64-bit processor Yes
Installed Qty 1
Max processors supported 1
WIndows Vista

Cache Memory
Type L2 cache Installed Size 2 MB
Chipset type AMD 780G
Data bus speed 3600 MHz

Installed Size 4 GB / 8 GB (max)
Technology DDR2 SDRAM
Memory speed 800 MHz
Memory specification compliance PC2-6400

Expansion / Connectivity
Expansion Slots Total (Free) 1 ( 0 ) x Processor - Socket AM2 , 4 ( 2 ) x Memory - DIMM 240-pin , 1 ( 0 ) x PCI Express x16 , ( 0 ) x PCI Express x1 , 1 ( 0 ) x PCI Interfaces 1 x Mouse - Generic - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) , 1 x Keyboard - Generic - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) , 6 x Hi-Speed USB - 4 pin USB Type A ( 2 in front ) , 1 x Display / video - VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) , 1 x Network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T - RJ-45 , 1 x Modem - Phone line - RJ-11 , 8 x Audio - Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm , 1 x Audio / video - HDMI - 19 pin HDMI Type A , 2 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire)

Power device type Power supply
Power provided 300 Watt

Right now i have the HD 3200 hehe, runs all games but low res. I know i'll be needing a new power supply but how much bigger should it be?
I think i'll now go with 1 4890 depending on what you say. thanks
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  1. well i dont really know what do u mean with standard ATX power supply but i guess it is since it's not a brand one or have any special spec. :s so you think 4 1.8 processors is really slow? :S i think my next upgrade will be to a phenom II then. (after my video card ). I'll buy next week the video card and a 600 W power supply
    Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL-S 600W ATX12V v2.01 SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Power Supply - Retail i hope it runs all games even without the new processor
  2. Your CPU will SEVERELY bottleneck a 4870 x2. It'll prob even bottleneck a 4870..... I'd suggest you upgrade to a new CPU first atleast. Check your motherboard maker and see if it supports the Phenom II. If it does i'd suggest upgrading the CPU to a 710,810,920, or 940. The CPU will be cheaper then the 4870 x2 so with the extra money left over from buying the CPU you could pick up a 4670 which will run a lot of games out there at high settings.
  3. hmmm well i really want the 4890 , maybe i'll get the 4890 and the power supply, and maybe next month i'll get the AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HDX920XCGIBOX i hope it's compatible with my 780G mobo. Will i notice any difference if i get the power supply? or will it run the same as if i only get the 4890 and instead use that money to buy the processor? and theen later the power supply
  4. I'm sorry but this is insane... For powering a 19" LCD it is just absurd to get anything better than a 4850. Especially with the lack of processor power this computer has. Don't waste your money on a video card that is meant for 24" or bigger.

    Also, +1 zipzoomflyhigh for mentioning the proprietary fact. I had an old dell that I could not upgrade the PSU because it was NOT standard. Make sure to do your research before purchasing.
  5. well im gonna check out the 4890 and power supply, and be ready for my 920 CPU upgrade maybe next month, i just want to be able to play any game at "high" resolutions (as my monitor allows) I need to shutdown my pc to check that power supply for the standard ATX supply sticker.
  6. A 4850 will do that just fine. It'll even run Crysis at that resolution. Of course, you'd still be a bit CPU bottlenecked, even on a 4850.
  7. oh god, well i guess i'll seriously consider upgrading my cpu, but for the meantime i'll still go with the 4890 then. What's the power supply sticker like? i opened the case and checked the power supply but couldn't find it.
  8. No offense, man. But I think you should spend a little bit of time reading these and other PC forums before you buy anything. When you understand more about your PC, you're going to have more realistic expectations and you're also going to know exactly what you need to do to get the gaming experience you want, so you're going to be more satisfied.

    The chance of frying your PC is also going to be lower. Once again, no offense, but it doesn't seem like you know exactly what you want or how to go about upgrading your PC. I'm not trying to call you stupid; I'm just saying you haven't had a chance to check out more about hardware.

    Now, as you may know, most power supplies that come with pre-built PCs are, to put it nicely, absolute crap =P. They can't handle any kind of real upgrade, so you need to buy a better power supply. However, what people have been warning you about is... a lot of pre-built PCs do not accept standard ATX power supplies. Frankly, a lot of the advantages of choosing a PC over a Mac is negated when you buy a pre-built PC (ooh major insult, I know.) Although a lot of "upgradeability" is still there, you're limited big time by your power supply.

    But that's not the only problem for you. That motherboard may not support the Phenom II (I really don't know... you'll have to check with Gateway somehow.) These guys tend to use smaller motherboards with a minimum of slots and ports, because most people who buy pre-built PCs never need to upgrade and use their PCs solely as e-mail machines. Cutting ports and so on maximizes their profit, and since 99.9% of their customers never upgrade the internals, the motherboards usually can't support newer CPUs and have a minimum of ports. Often times, BIOS updates are only provided if major flaws are discovered. If you're lucky, your motherboard does support Phenom II, but you may need a BIOS update.

    There are many more issues, but I think you would learn more if you took a bit of time yourself and read more with an open mind. You would be happiest in the long run, IMHO. Ultimately, it's your time and money.
  9. People are correct about the power supply warnings, and the odds of your motherboard accepting the phenom II is pretty slim also.

    Dell, Gateway, HP, ect.....
    They all sell crap that isnt very upgradeable. They dont want people to upgrade, they want you to buy a whole new PC. Even though your board might run a PII they probably wont release the bios that allows it cause they want you to build new.

    They also build PCs to be non upgradeable because they dont want NOOBs inside the case breaking things, and then calling on the phone: "I got a warranty and my PC dont work." after someone released some static into the motherboard.

    You really should be looking into buying a new custom PC, stay away from the off the shelve brands.
  10. You better make sure the case is even long enough fr such a card.

    I can tell by these pics: http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/gateway-dx4200-09/4505-3118_7-33513602.html
    that the PSU is standard ATX, but the 4890 might be a tight squeze or not even fit at all.
  11. well i've seen pictures and videos of the 4890 and i believe it fits my case, if it doesn't i'll squeeze it and if it definitely can't be done, I'll go get a cheap and bigger case.
  12. triple core is faster than x4? o0 wow i didn't know my CPU was that slow.
  13. Is OCZ a good PSU brand? how's this one?
    OCZ / StealthXStream / 600-Watt / ATX / 120mm Fan / SATA-Ready / PCI-e Ready / Active PFC / Power Supply
    it's $69.99*
    on tigerdirect or should i stay with the corsair even though it's 50 watts less ?
  14. @ Soldier37 is that a Apple keyboard on a Windows System? I've always wondered if that'll work lol.
  15. compared to yours my current computer is junk, but these guys are right. i know that maybe you're tired of reading theese advices, but if everyone says that you should buy a better CPU and choose a better PSU, maybe, and just maybe, is because they're right. people here are just trying to help you no regret anything you do. if the PSU cant feed the GPU you'll see your computer reboot alone a lot of times, and bad PSUs can damage your hardware, i would reccomend at least a Corsair HX620 or a Corsair TX650 for that GPU and if you can buy a TX750 its perfect. About the CPU you should really think about a Phenom II(the 920 or 940 if you can afford that) cuz Shader model 4.1 GPUs needs CPU much more powerfull than the 4.0 ones. try lookin over the net for reviews about that you'll learn a lot. Phenom series is lot less effective than Phenom II even when you talk about the better Phenom against the worst PhenomII. and if you want to have really nice graphics just buy a whole new PC. :P lol i hate those prebuilt PCs they use the worst kind of components they can find, to make more money.the money you're gonna spend improving that one will be better spent if you buy a new one. and for that kind of card im not sure but i think that you should really think about buying a Full Tower. im having the same thought over here my self. i think ill have to buy that kind of tower cuz im buyin a new PC maybe this month or so. if it helps ill leave here the config i'm doin'....

    Nox Myth(im not that sure now, cuz of what i've told you, i think i'll go for a full tower instead)
    Corsair TX750W
    AMD BE Phenom II X4 940 4x512KB (3.0 GHz) 125W Deneb SktAM2
    Cooler Master V8(CPU cooler)
    2 x G.Skill DDR2 2x2GB PC6400 CAS4 PK(total of 8GB)(im not willing to go for 1066 right now cuz theyre more expensive and CS latency is still big and that matters a lot in memory speed)
    SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY Radeon HD 4870 Vapor-X - 2 GB DDR5
    Samsung 1TB Sata II 32MB
    SAMSUNG DVD/Rw 22X DLayer Black Bulk SATA
    Creative X-FI Elitre Pro(still in standby, maybe will be left for later this year)

    I would rather not risk buyin a CPU for that board, it would be better if you buy a whole new machine if you can afford it. it will last you longer. if you cant buy everything at a time buy by pieces but first get rid of your OEM PSU. lol it will not feed much of todays hardware. im not telling you your PC is junk, but im sure that for the money you bought it if you had the chance you could build onea lot better. its not your fault either. you were deceived, so dont worry it happens to a lot of people, but do not make this same mistake twice, now that you know.also if you buy online usually the prices are a lot cheaper. and before actually buyin something post a doubt here or just post a new thread in the right place with your budget and askin for some opinions about the better choices(this if you're willing to buy a new tower)
    Im just tellin this cuz you said you wanted full graphic resolution and quality. ;) sorry if i made you read a lot and for nothing. Really hoping i helped with something.
    Greetings NewBornSoul
  16. hey newbornsoul, thanks a lot for your advice, and i know all of you are trying to help. It has helped me choose my components better hehe. but... i thought i would not have the budget for the new pc so I started ordering single pieces. I already ordered my new CPU, mobo, PSU and GPU.
    AMD Phenom II X4 940
    Motherboard 790FX
    Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650W High Performance and Energy Efficient Power Supply (i hope it'll be enough :S)
    ATI Radeon HD 4890 1 GB

    Its supposed to ship in the next few days. I'm only gonna keep my old 640 GB HD and my RAM. I hope my new hardware does the work.

    I think my next PC will be bought in some of those ibuypower sites, they look awesome and are supposed to run awesome aswell. BUT!! i hope i don't need to buy a new one for a while.
  17. Just to let you know i have a DX4200-09. Im running

    corsair 750w

    xfx 4890 1 gig

    im playing crysis on max and not having any issues that i can see. trying to find an upgrade to the quad core.

    looking into
    ddr2 memory x2 of these
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