AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core Processor vs Intel Core 2 Duo

Which of these processers is better?
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  1. You'll have to provide model numbers for each example,
    its too vague to ask which is better the way you have, plus as a sidenote, both are oldtech, deadtech in some peoples eyes
  2. depends on what you want to use it for, graphics are substandard for gaming and Im not sure you can upgrade them
    I'd personally underclock it from 2.1GHz to maybe 1.6/1.8GHz to extend battery life, but for a surfing machine its fine, I'm not a laptop fan myself but I think thats a reasonable price to pay for that laptop,
    if its going to be your main gaming rig, i'd suggest building a desktop though,
  3. Just going to use it for internet and watching movies and some office apps so i'll probably get this one thanks for the replies.
  4. No problem, if you do get it, look into underclocking to increase battery life ok :)
  5. Will do
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