M17x intel core duo overclocking guide

Hello, I have an alienware m17x, intel extreme core duo, 2.53ghz processor, ati mobility radeon 4870 in crossfire and 8gig ram @ 1333.
You would think that i wouldn't have trouble gaming but i do. I have noticed significant improvement in when the the cpu is oc'd to 3.0. My question is how much can I oc the system and what is the best method, ie. increasing the multiplier, or fsb and ram, keep them linked?
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  1. If you can overclock by just raising the multiplier, and adding the appropriate voltage, then that's the best way. Overclocking the FSB has been proven to only marginally increase performance. The best ratio for the ram would be what performs the best while maintaining factory specs or slightly higher. You'll just have to test different settings out.
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