Nvidia or Radeon?

I'm planning on building a new rig. im going to be ordering these parts:


I want to be able to maxout crysis and play any game i play such as CoD4 on highest graphics with AA etc turned on. What video card do you guys think i should put my money into. Hoping not to spend more than 250 dollars.
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  1. If i where you i would find a combo deal worth going for that would allow you to get the 940 phenom....

    What resolution do you plan on playing at :non: ...you know il recommend you a 4830 that will max out cod4 with aa and highest graphics...you don't mind playing at 600x480 :ange:
  2. Are you going for the best of the $250 dollar range now or are you considering upgrading later?

    If you want the best now I would get either:
    2 x ATI 4830's at $75 dollars each - these beat a single 4870 1GB or a 260 GTX and only cost $150 = cheaper and better. They scale very well (average 80-105% increase).
    or for a little more
    2 x ATI 4850's at $115-120 each - these will be just as good and sometimes better than the $350 285 GTX. They also scale well and are excellent bang for the buck -we are talking maxout in crysis here pretty much.

    If you want to upgrade later I would either get:
    ATI 4870 1GB or the 260 GTX -no wait scratch getting any Nvidia cards because you have an ATI 790FX mobo - so stick to AMD graphics- that way you can upgrade to crossfire in the future.
    Another option is the 4850X2 - which you can later crossfire with another single 4850 or 4850 x2 - that would be a killer rig man!

    Here are some links for further study if you want:

    Bottom line is this - don't go with Nvidia because you can't SLI on your CF capable 790FX mobo and the single card solutions with Nvidia are not any better that ATI really - so why sacrifice future upgradability?
  3. I'm planning on purchasing a new widescreen lcd so the resolution would most likely be 1680x1050. I was hoping you guys could help me make up my mind on what would be a better idea to buy the best i can get for $250 now or upgrade later. What would you guys do if you were in my position?
  4. Hmm... well DX11 is coming out in a years time - so really I think you should look at what games you want to play now and what the cheapest graphics solutions that will let you play these games at the settings you want. Then because you have a relatively new and good AMD mobo you can probably upgrade to a 5800 DX11 compatible card later when they come out in a years time. Just remember that there probably won't be many DX11 games until at least half a year later so it will probably be something like 1 1/2 years to 2 years before an upgrade will be smart. Then look at how much you will want to spend in the future and use that to determine how much you will spend now. (i.e. if you spend $150 dollars now on a 2 4830's instead of $420 on a 4970X2, then you have $250 to spend on the future 5800 cards. But you have to of course consider if 2 x 4830s will be a beefy enough solution for you in the next year or not.
  5. a single 4890 will play crysis at that res on max settings
  6. 2x 4830 = most bang for your buck
    2x 4850 = best performance for around $220

    This is assuming your mobo is Xfire
  7. ^^one card behaves better than two
  8. The articles I posted explain the pro's and cons of CF. Depends on what you mean by behave rangers, if you are talking about micro-stutter then this is not an issue really anymore. If you are talking about performance than you are wrong. If you are talking about power usage and heat then you are right - two cards are less efficient and generally require better airflow.

    Crossfire is definitely much more stable and scales much better than it did 1-2 years ago - still there are minor issues with a few games. Older games won't always take advantage either - but a single 4830 can usually max out those anyways.

    of course there is the issue of having the appropriate mobo and PSU, but you're mobo is great for crossfire (790FX) - its practically built for it and it would almost be a bit silly to not take advantage of it because if you only wanted a single GPU configuration you could just get a 790X/GX
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102809

    That video card caught my eye. I was thinking about buying one now and maybe buying one later to CF when it comes down in price. Do you think that will run Crysis and CoD4 on max settings in 1680x1050?
  10. Its an excellent card where price vs performance is considered,

    however beware of some downsides on the 4850X2:
    1. lots of reviews have deemed it loud - some have solved this by removing the metal housing:
    2. It is only built by sapphire so you have to use sapphire exclusive drivers
  11. Sapphire is a pretty reputable brand, do you think that there will be a big problem with their drivers? I've had their cards in the past and didnt notice anything negative about them. Have any of you had a bad experience with them?
    The sound really doesnt bother me too much since im gonna be wearing a headset most of the time.
  12. I just read something on the specs for the card that brought up a question mark in my head.

    System Requirements: 650 Watt or greater power supply with one 2x3-pin PCIeR power connector and one 2x4-pin PCIeR power connector is required (1K Watt with two 2x3-pin and two 2x4-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode)

    Does that mean that i would need a 1000 watt PSU to run this card in dual CF?
  13. Crysis Nvidia
  14. well if your going with an AM3 (AMD) socket, then maybe you should go radeon graphics (also AMD)
    because you cant sli two nvidia cards with an AM3 socket but you can use crossfire for two radeon cards;)

    amd and nvidia dont get along very well :P
  15. Sapphire is probably good for the drivers by now, don't have any personal experience with them so I can't say on that basis. As for the PSU you will probably need a pretty hefty setup for 2 x 4850X2s like you suggested. Another option is to run a single 4850 crossfired to the 4850 in a kinda exotic tri 4850 CF solution. That is in the articles posted and from what I remember scales better than 2 x 4850X2 so that might be a better future upgrade - think it beats a single 4870 X2 pretty well, but I would have to check the article again. It would definitely use less power.
  16. IzzyCraft said:
    Crysis Nvidia

    wrong the 4890 scores under 1FPS less than the 285 and it overclocks further, and thats me putting it up against a card thats a lot more expensive
  17. rangers said:
    ^^one card behaves better than two

    true, but SLi/Xfire is usually more performance for your money.

    Two 4830s or two 8800/9800GTs costs around $200 and performs on the level of a $300 GTX280
  18. They both compete with each other. If your board is SLI go NVidia. If it's Crossfire go Radeon. If it doesn't run multiple video cards then go with the best deal for the card that will play your monitors resolution.
  19. rangers said:
    wrong the 4890 scores under 1FPS less than the 285 and it overclocks further, and thats me putting it up against a card thats a lot more expensive

    As of right now your posts are at 1366!!!!!!!
  20. Crossfiring a 4850x2 with a single gpu 4850 wouldn't lower the performance of the 4850x2, right?
  21. wareagle316 said:
    Crossfiring a 4850x2 with a single gpu 4850 wouldn't lower the performance of the 4850x2, right?

    no it should not

    i don't mean to steal this tread but im looking for a new card two

    i just bought my self a asus 24in monitor 1920x1080 res. and i need a new card too for the price range

    i figured most Intel boards work with crossfire and most amd boards do too so the smartest thing is to do crossfire it seems .

    i never really had this much trouble picking out a card but now there so much for the $250 price range it makes it alot easier not thinking about nvidia cards

    so im thinking to go with 1gb cards on high resolution

    2 4830 1gb $250 (little costly get the 4850x2 for 25more)
    4850 1gb $160(for $30 more get the 4870)
    2 4850 1gb $320 (4850x2 is cheaper)
    4850 x2 2gb 1gb/each card $280- $265 after rebates (sapphire drivers noise problems)
    4870 1gb $190 (crossfire later maybe)
    4890 1gb $260-$230 after rebates (overclock and maybe crossfire)

    if you don't oc i would go with the 4850x2 or the 4870
    i think the 4890 is only worth if you oc

    so it all comes down to, whats the best price/performance

    toms should do best graphics card for your money article soon to solve this mass confusion

    (sorry about spellin errores)

    edit: benchmarks

    here one of the 4850x2 but different site, maybe game version 2 and drivers so you cant really compare

    the 4850x2 i hear is the biggest card around. 11 1/2 inches i think. it wont fit in most mid tower cases. so check to see what size card your case can take
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