Which one is best 1TB internal HDD

i need to buy a 1TB internal HDD & i'm considering to go with Werstern Digital brand because i'm gonna purchase it from London,UK but as i live in India
so i'm gonna use it there, therefore i'll need global coverage or out of region warranty which only WD provides (not sure about Samsung, etc.) as per this page:

therefore, i decided to go with WD brand but i'm not sure whether to go with WD1002FAEX or WD1001FALS & if there is any other nice & more realible model kindly suggest me that as i need the most possible stable and realible drive. Please help me to choose a nice 1TB WD model.

Also i heard about some LLC & TLER issues in WD drives, what are they exactly? and are they worth worrying?? I'll be using the drive in Windows 7, if that matters!

Thanx, & any help would be appreciated...!! :)
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    If they are about the same price, I suppose the FAEX is at least performance-wise the better choice. It has a bigger cache and it's guarenteed to have 2 platters, making it in some cases about 25% faster than 3 platter FALS's.

    From what I've gathered, the WD Blacks should be among the most reliable 1TB hard drives.
  2. is wd1002FAEX compatible with intel DG-33FB motherboard..??

    and yea...what about LLC & TLER issues???? :P
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