How much power is being drawn

I'm trying to figure what is the minimum PSU that would run a Phenom II 940 and GTX 285.,2139-9.html Does include the CPU draw or just the GPU.
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  1. "Global wattage at AC source ".

    those are the figures at the wall socket
    the 316 watts for the 285 rig looks about right .

    Just because a cpu/gpu is rated at a specific wattage doesnt mean it will draw that much . Intels 65 watt chips typically draw half that under load

  2. Cool, that is a very interesting tool (bookmarked)
  3. Its surprising how little power some systems need .

    I think Tomshardware e7200/G31 mb was drawing 70 watts .

    Even a quad core cpu and a GTX 295 system with a couple of hard drives will run fine on a quality 600 watt psu . The total draw is around 475 watts
  4. Yeah, I'm suprised too, getting the amps though is another thing.
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