Cooler for i7 950

Hi everyone, i just built together my gaming build and i love it :D but it's still a work in progress though.

Gigabyte GTX 460 1gb (will add another for SLI)
corsair HX-750
spinpoint F3 1TB
CM 690 II advanced w/ window

The main question is what kind of CPU cooler would be sufficient in maintaining a 24/7 clock of 4.0ghz on that CPU? i would prefer air cooling over water. And if i was to purchase the CM hyper 212+, what kind of clock can i expect with this CPU?

Thank you :)
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  1. With the Hyper 212+, it really depends, single fan, I'd expect about 3.8. With dual fans (I.E. like two Scythe Slipstreams) I'd say 4.1-4.3ghz. Hard to say, since steppings also come into play.


    (It was there max OC since they just maxed out the voltage to test out the temps, as you can see, the temps were very low)

    Other than the Hyper 212+, the Prolimatech Megahalems or the Venomous X are very good, the Hyper 212+ as good as it is. If you stuck some dual fans on the Venomous X or Megahalems expect better performance.
  2. - Spire Thermax Eclipse (Me Cooler )
    - Tuniqtower
    - Noctua NH-D14
    for water Cooling Corsair H70 see comparison in
  3. Frostytech is not really reliable, the Tuniq in particular is nowhere near the best cooling on any other website. I also have never heard of the spire, and it should be noted that their testing is for LGA775, not anything newer.
  4. Spire Thermax Eclipse (Me Cooler ) is New Product
    tuniq tower 120 extreme Old
    i have both
  5. ^ If you say the NH-D14 he might as well get the Thermalright silver arrow which is about the same cost. Quieter and about the same size. And the D-14 as good as it is, is way to large to fit most cases and mobos. So the Tuniq tower is probably your best option, but the Megahalems is still the best imo.
  6. The Spire Thermax Eclipse II is a good cooler, however the availability in the US is very... sparse.
  7. aznshinobi said:
    The Spire Thermax Eclipse II is a good cooler, however the availability in the US is very... sparse.

    if interested in spire you can order it from here for $55... its a highly rated cooler but unknown to quite a few...

    I personally like hyper 212+ but it has mixed reviews for cooling OC'd i7 9XX... you are better off with venomous X or megahalems... but if you are going with two fans on these then i would recommend thermalright silver arrow or noctua nh d14 straight away...
  8. ^ Not necessarily. Not a lot of cases or builds fir the Silver Arrow or the D14, the D14 is just straight up big and long (that's what she said) but the silver arrow to my understanding is taller than the D14.
  9. OP has a CM 690II - dimensions are (W 214.5 X H511.8 x D528.8 mm)... it should easily accommodate a silver arrow or nh d14... both the coolers are spec'd at 160mm in height which should be OK compared to the width of the case (214.5mm)...

    the only hiccup with these two coolers in x58-UD3R mobo is the memory heatsink height... the memory slots are closer to the cpu area and may hinder the first or even the second sticks... if its going to be 3 sticks only then it should be fine... otherwise the heatsink of the first stick can be dremelled or removed...

    To avoid all this probabilities, either megahalems or venomous X can be chosen straightaway... excellent coolers just a few degrees temps off the two coolers listed earlier...
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