hey was interested in moving my car stereo in my house, i have done this before with just a head unit but now want to use amp and sub or two.
i want to get around 400w output so will need about 40amps. (P=VI so 400w = 12v x 33.333) the questions is can i bridge two 12v rails of 18a to get 36a???
is this possible or am i dreaming,....

thanks for any help....
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  1. Well, for starters, you dont just add up the rails on a PSU to get their total amperage. There should be a listing for 'Total +12v' or 'Max +12v' and that will tell you how many amps the PSU can deliver. Each rail is able to deliver up to their max, but the overall load cannot exceed the overall rating.
  2. if a puse is 520w rated it should max out put 43.333amps (520/12=43.33)
    it has two rails one =20a and 2nd = 18a so total of 38 amps. can i twist these to rails together to get 38amps??
  3. No, and no.

    First, the PSU's wattage rating is not all devoted to +12v. There are also +3.3v, +5v, and a couple other minor rails.

    Second, as I said before, you dont just add up the rails, your PSU will have a Max +12v amperage, it is listed on a sticker that is attached to the PSU itself.
  4. ok, im looking on silverstone web site
    a 560w psu has 2 rails both of 20a max, now down a bit it says combined 12v = 40a/480w so the rest is devoted to the 3.3/5v ect.
    i should be able to get 40a out of two rails.
  5. ...
  6. how am i going to burn down my house, any way i found a psu that supply's 70a single rail. had to figure it out my self as no one else has a clue...
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