What power supply is good?

So my power supply decided to die today (3 days after i put it in, while playing crysis warhead for the first time). It was a OCZ stealth stream.


So i need a power supply that can properly and reliably power a:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
XFX 4850 XXX
2 small fans in the back
2 dvd drives
CPU fan.

note: Needs at least 1 PCI-E power adapter, and 5+ Peripheral connectors.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Oh i forgot to mention, it'd be best if it was under a $100 if at all possible
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  1. Isn't your OCZ still under warranty?
  2. Antec Signature SG850 850W Power Supply


    Antec Signature SG650 650W Power Supply


    I can personally attest to these.
  3. anyone of these will do the job.......



    But as Mondoman said if its under warranty then replace it.
  4. A Antec 850W would be overkill for that system.
  5. ^ second that, 850 for 1 4850 is far more than you would ever need, the recent 1kw psu review done by xbit proved that the general 'forums' opinion on what wattage psu you need is quite a bit higher than necessary, i.e. 750w would be more than enough for x2 of your cards or x2 4870s or 260s. In terms of PSU i have always had TT tough power psus and none have failed me yet, I even ran 2 1gb 4870s on a 600w (might of been 650 cant remember) one and whilst the 12v rail was very low it still didnt fail me under heavy load. Now have swapped to an corsair hx 1000 which is mint, so either of those brands I would reccomend. If you want to save money than TT is a fair bit cheaper than corsair.

    EDIT: I would also get a modular PSU too as so much better case air flow and tidyness without having 1/2 a doz molex cables your never gona use floating round. well no, I never use them some people do for fans and old hdd and optical drives.
  6. Corsair 550. You could even get by with a good quality 400 or so.
  7. Like cjl said, a good quality 400 watt PSU would work. If I was absolutely certain that I was not going to upgrade the system anytime soon, I'd probably put something like a Corsair 450VX into it.
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