Multiple RAID 0 "sets"

I have 4 Caviar Black 2TB drives on an EVGA Classified 4-way SLI Mobo. I want two drives in RAID 0 for Windows 7, and two drives in RAID 0 for Ubuntu Linux. Is it possible to do this? Will I need a RAID controller? If not, can I put all drives together in RAID 0 and Partition half for Windows 7 and half for Ubuntu?
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  1. I forgot to add that each OS is getting an Intel SSD, the HDDs are for storage.
  2. You're going to run into issues trying to boot from a 4TB logical volume. The maximum size for MBR partitions is 2GB, so you need to use GPT partitions. You can't boot from GPT partitions unless you have an EFI-compatible motherboard (although there are workarounds available for the *nix systems).

    Combine all that with RAID and it could get a bit hairy...
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