NEW Gaming Rig - Soundblaster Audigy SE or Onboard sound?

planning on getting a new gaming rig with 275GTX, E8400 and a 23" dell monitor. Was considering going with sound blaster audigy SE, but wanted to know if its really all that better than onboard sound. the total cost goes up by about £70 with soundblaster audigy SE because I also have to buy the next highest PSU if I go for this card. so is the soundblaster option worth getting over the onboard sound?
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  1. Great components.... but you didn't mention what mobo you're using. (IE what sound youre using) I used onboard sound for about a year, and it works fine. I bought a CL sound blaster Xfi Titanium, and sounds are even better...

    If you're ok with things just sounding ok, then don't buy one, if you have nice speakers and want more thump, by all means look into a card.
  2. hi. thx for the reply.

    am using a P5N-D SLI board with "Onboard (7.1)". I want to have the option of getting another GTX 275 in the future... though the real plan is to buy a another desktop late next year when GT 300 is here.

    I have Sony 2.1 speakers.... But also thinking of getting a new set.... am thinking maybe the 700w PSU is a good idea at any rate cos It will accomodate another GTX 275 later without having to change the PSU. so it comes to about £25 for the sound card.
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