How do you safely eject SandDisk Cruzer 2GB USB driver?

Hi guys,

I have never installed the u3 software that comes with Cruzer usb flash drive,

because it is well known as frustrating software that is so hard to remove and it slows down the

usb and so forth.

so here are my questions.

1.When I try to eject my Cruzer usb(remember I am not using u3 software, it is not even installed) through windows normal way(the one where tray icon is next to clock at right bottom)
that orange light is still on on my usb as if it is still connected and powered on.
so even if my computer says it is safely ejected, usb drive itself is acting as if it is still connected. (if you use u3 software to eject, light turns off from usb)
This way I think I am not ejecting my usb driver safely at all, because it is still being powered.
so How do I safely eject my usb driver without using u3 software?

2.How do you get rid of separated u3 drive? and merge that into other regular memory drive?
(When I plug my usb in, it gives me 2 drives one for regular memory, and other for u3 install drive)

I would be really appreciated if someone can help me here
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  1. I uninstalled the U3 from the cruzer, and then formatted the drive. Both of mine work fine as plain vanilla USB drives. If you uninstall U3, you cannot add it back later.
  2. my main concern is how to safely eject my flash driver without using u3? because even if I "eject" them by right clicking on it and all, the light on flash driver is still on, which means it is still connected and it is being powered. then it will be still the same as pulling it out wihout safely ejecting it, do you guys know what I am talking about here? please help
  3. bump, anybody?
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