Help with overclocking

Hello i was wondering if i could get some help overclocking.

motherbored: ASUS P5QL PRO
Cpu:Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @2.80GHz

I'm new using the Bios to overclock So any help with be appreciated I'm looking to overclock somewhere into the 3.40Ghz i do have the cooling for it right now my cooling temperature is 30c.
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  1. 30 C is obviously CPU temp at idle. Your load temps are what is important.

    This should be your first stop.
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    Next stop should be a guide for your particular motherboard. Google is your friend.

    Use a stress testing program such as Prime95 to put a 100% load on the CPU. This will do two things. It will maximize your CPU temperatures and it will test your CPU at the higher speed, voltage, and temperature.

    Keep your core voltage under 1.45 volts and your load temps under 70 C.
  2. while waiting for someone to respond i did find this on another website how to overclock with my motherboard
    And sorry i didn't know that the idle temp didn't matter.

    But my core 1 temp is 38 C
    Core 2 is 27 C

    AI Overclock Tuner=manual
    FSB Frequency=280
    PCIE Frequency=100
    DRAM Frequency=842 --set proper value for your ram
    DRAM Static Read Control=disabled
    DRAM Read Training=disabled
    AI Clock Twister=strong --you try moderate first
    AI Transaction Booster=manual
    Common Performance Level=5 --you try 7 or more first
    Pull-In of CHA/B PH/1/2/3/4=all enabled
    CPU Voltage=1.25
    FSB Termination Voltage=1.1
    Memory Voltage=2.1 --set proper value for your ram
    North Bridge Voltage=1.2
    Load-Line Calibration=enabled
    CPU Spread Spectrum=disabled

    I tried it and it worked but isn't really speed I'm looking for.
    So tried changing the numbers around based

    little but my computer wouldn't start back up (i have it fixed)

    So what i am asking now is i need help getting the right numbers for my to get my Cpu around 3.60Ghz.

    I have two ram sticks of
    Size 2048 MBytes
    Manufacturer: G.Skill
    Max Bandwidth: PC2-6400 (400 MHz)
    Part Number: F2-8000CL5-2GBPQ
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