Which drive to get?

I'm looking for an SSD around 80 GB for around 200$
I'm wondering what the best drive I could get would be at that price point.
I was looking at the intels, as they seemed pretty sure but new stuff seems to be coming out so often I'm not sure if the information I read was up to date :P

Any help would be great!
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    If you don't absolutely need it, wait until the Intel G3 and the SandForce 2xxx based drives hit the market.

    If you want it now, I'd say spend $40 more (240 total) and get the 120GB Vertex 2:

    You can get the 90GB for $180 after MIR:
  2. I'm in agreement with shadow703793, the "Forum Kitty". It is a better option to wait for the new Intel & SandyForce's to be released.
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