OCX Vertex 2 120 GB - What is a good price?

I've been looking at the SSD for a few week and this week, there is the

OCX Vertex 2 120 GB on sale at for 208$ after the 30$ MIR.

Is that a good price or should we expect a big price drop for SSD on black friday?

I might be able to wait for a month or so to see the black friday deals but I won't wait much after that.

Thanks for your input?

If you have a better deal elsewhere, let me know....

PS : I've been looking at 120GB size because I use about 80 Gb right now on my boot drive (standard HDD ) and data is already on another HDD
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    I recently bought my vertex 2 from new-egg for about 240.99 or so and it was a 120Gb drive. So the deal you're talking about sounds like a really good one I'd go for it.
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