AMD Phenom II BE 555

Hi there,

I need guide on overclocking AMD Phenom II 555 BE Processor.
I'm new to this procedcure, but I have few knowledge about computers.

I just want to raise CPU speed, Not un-locking cores. Currently, the CPU is using stock fan and everything is default mode. The motherboard is Gigabyte's brand and I don't have exact model #. All of the computer components were purchased October 2010. I have learned that you can raise speed either by mobo bus speed or CPU's bus speed?

The memory is Kingston (Hyper X) brand (DDR2 8500 but BIOS is reading at DDR2 6400 as default).

To me, everything seems to be working as it should be but I feel something is lacking.

Thanks Advance
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  1. Once you are familiar with overclocking, you can try software overclocking. As you have a BE CPU, you can simply use Phenommsrtweaker under windows to raise the multiplier and you can also save the settings. Check here how to do that

    Check both posts. One will explain how to overclock and the other how to save the settings.
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