Means to measure Internet connectivity

This is a pretty broad question, so I'm just looking for various thought or suggestions.

I'm looking for some basic tools and\or website that gives a general indication of Web\internet performance. Long ago, I use to have a website that would show the major hubs (kinda like airport hubs) and whether that region was experincing performance issues.

Kinda looking for something that my co-workers and I can use to get a general ideal of how performance is. I'm trying to think of a program or something we can use internal to the company as well, to see how things are going.

Pings and tracerts are a little too generic, as the most it will do is show slow performance, but not so much where or if it's just me having the issue..

anyone have any thoughts around some different tools or websites or both?

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  1. will give you both latency and bandwidth which are the basics (and often enough).
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