Low performance after dual core upgrade

Hi, I recently upgraded my AMD athlon 64 3500+ processor to a AMD athlon x2 4200+ and have seen a drastic decrease in performance in games such as Call of Duty 4 and Left 4 Dead. With the single core processor, I was getting around 40 fps but with the new dual core processor I am getting something like 10 fps. I have the newest drivers and reinstalled Vista but the problem still exists. Any help with this issue would greatly be appreciated.

My system specs are:

Abit KN8 SLI
AMD 64 x2 4200+ 2.2Ghz
2gb of ram
Galaxy 8800gt 512mb
Dynapower 500W PSU

Thank you in advance.
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  1. try to download the dualcore optimyzer from the amd site... it has made a difference for me a time ago when i had amd ..i'm on intel now..good luck mate
  2. Thanks for the replies, I'll go try that AMD dual core optimizer. I was under the impression that Vista didn't need to use the optimizer but I'll try it anyways. My cousin have the exact same hardware except for a bigger hard drive and a different brand of video card and gets really good frame rates so I don't think it's the game not utilizing the dual core. After closer inspection of the dual core cpu, I did notice two pins slightly bent but I could still mount the cpu with no problems. Could this be the source of my poor performance?
  3. So far, installing the AMD dual core optimizer didn't help. Any other ideas on how to fix this problem? Please help, playing at 8-10 fps is pure agony!
  4. I would certainly upgrade to 3 or 4GB total RAM in any case.
    Does your cousin maybe have a different BIOS version?
    I would also try running some standard benchmarking programs such as those in Everest or PC Wizard, and comparing the results with the same benchmarks from your cousin's computer.
  5. Quote:
    Could this be the source of my poor performance?

    May be. If those pins underclocked the CPU (extremely unlikely, and if it's the real cause, I'm a god :P).

    Also OP, are you sure you are running at the same resolution as before?
  6. yeah vista is great but it is a ram hog!!! go with 4. i dont know how good that cpu overclocks but i would deff do it!!!
  7. I kept the resolutions all the same in the games when I upgraded the CPU's. I have same BIOS version as my cousin and the same amount of ram so I don't think its a ram issue since I can run the games fine with my old single core processor. It's either a hardware or software problem with the dual core CPU.
  8. Yep, one for each core. The device manager also shows two CPU's.
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