Air Cooling Solutions GTX275

Since prices have gone down and my fan is dead on my stock cooler I was thinking about putting on an aftermarket cooler.

I have a BFG GTX275OC

Out of all the aftermarket coolers I have noticed none make it easy to replace the fan that I could find.

These are the two I have pretty my settled on:

I would prefer to be able to run it off the graphics cards fan controller.

Artic Cooling Accelero Xtreme GTX Pro
Which I'm leaning towards now.

Seem to be the best two that I could find short of going water cooling and I don't really want to go that route because of the cost involved and risk. What do you guys think? Any other suggestion would be appreciated.

CM HAF 922
i7-920 Scythe Mugen II
Asus Rampage II Gene
6gigs ram
BFG GTX275oc
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  1. Either that or contact them to see if you can RMA for replacement.

    Note: BFG got out of the GPU market recently, but hopefully they still honor RMAs. :/
  2. I'm sure I would have to pay and I figured at least with this it would keep my system cooler.
  3. Yeah, you'd at least have to pay to ship the card back and for keeping your system cooler, kind of depends on the cooler.
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