Which brand of 500 GB hard disk is the best


I'm looking to buy a new hard disk for my desktop to replace my faulty one. Can you recommend the best brand and model to buy?
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  1. I would go after a samsung spinpoint. Its reliable and fast. Sorry I don't have any links but it wont be hard to find...
  2. What abt the price? A friend of mine recommended Western Digital or Seagate which is renowned for its hard drive and latest hard drive run cooler and use less power. Anyway thanks for your valued input.
  3. I don't trust Seagate as much after the firmware fiasco a few years ago. As for HDDs get the 500GB Samsung F3s or 640GB WD Black. Avoid the WD Green. Sure it runs cool and all, but performance is quite poor. The power usage between any of these HDDs is really insignificant in a desktop.
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