Ati Sapphire 4830

Okay so i recently bought this card to increase my fps in basic steam games such as CS:S, DoD:S, Tf2, l4d, etc. I am getting horrible fps (IM SURE OF IT)

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
1.50 gbs RAM (4th slot of ram dont work no more for some reason).
160GB Hard-Drive
PSU is 600watt Rosewill
Sapphire 4830 (

Old card i had was an ati x800. It was getting high fps in these games mentioned, but now that i have this new card installed I would think that my fps would be JUST AMAZING... Also a way to check the current settings of the GPU and MEMORY clock. I created a server with my x800 and i would recieve at least 150+fps. My 4830 should automatically be hitting the max fps in a created server yet it only hits 60-100fps... I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this problem WITHOUT overclocking... Any opinions on what i can do would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

P.S. I updated drivers for my GPU already, but CATALYST control center is weird and new to me (first time updated video card in years).
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  1. I have the exact same problem. And I upgraded from an 8600GT to a 4850.
  2. I'm thinking you should turn V-Sync off.
  3. I run with V-Sync off.
  4. Dang this is getting lame... i reinstalled drivers, changes cards, monitors, settings, and i have no idea what else to do. Someone please help me and rags out. I am thinking of just replacing this one....

    I found this weird me having my settings in game high, and quality to the max on Catalyst Control Center yet tf2 still looks like this...

    TF2 doors look bad or is it me?

    Is this a sign my video card is working? or is 900fps normal lol

    Last my device settings suppose to look like this?
  5. Forgot to mention in original post that I recently reformatted. So i know that my v-card was getting better fps (like crazy 250-300 area in pubs for css and now not even bouncing up to 200s. Rags how long you been dealing with this on your 4850?
  6. bump

    Nobody else has encountered this problem and was able to fix it? =[
  7. I installed my 4850 a week ago. Just reformatted and going to see what difference there is.
  8. Hey rags i been trying random stuff and i noticed the model details were ugly in steam games. So what i did was install drivers individually to see which one was changing the model graphics. Every time i installed catalyst control center it kept limiting some of the high details on steam games (not sure about other games). BUT i STILLL dont get the frames i was getting before i had reformatted. SO im going to just get a better and more sufficient type of windows and hopefully better results from my video card. Good luck rage and get back to me if you get your fps up. GIVE ME DETAILS! =]
  9. I also get poor textures in CS:S and poor color. I mainly noticed this while changing from nvidia to ATI. nvidia - i had rich color. ati- i'm very disappointed. poor drivers too. wish i'd stuck with nvidia.
  10. Im not really upset with my card because i get some nice quality models (tried out crysis, and more), but then based on FPS I got similar ratings as my 5 year old x800. Also my Dads HD 2600 (DDR2...) PRO is getting similar fps as well. I think theres something I have to update or something is wrong with my pc. =[
  11. I don't think that's it. If you see the SM2 scores and SM3 scores in 3DM 06, there will be a much bigger diff. between your old an new cards than in the SM2 score. CS:S just does not use the card well. Games after 2006 etc. will perform SO much better with a 4850 than say, an 8600GT as I am experiencing. Mirror's Edge maxed out - 8600GT(DDR2)- 10fps
    4850(GDDR3)- 60fps

    Crysis VH-
    8600GT - 1 fps
    4850 - 25fps

    Of course I love the 4850 for its performance. I just want it to be more stable.
  12. Ive got a 4830 as well and at this point I just dont know what to think! My results are so varied from game to game its really disturbing. I play crysis on high settings.....pretty nice performance, switch to COD 4.....great performance, TF2 with recommended settings and vsync off= fps 142 down to 40, company of heroes stays around 30. Am I just expecting too much?
  13. No, I dont think your expecting too much. Im going to reformat again with a better version of windows XP than what I have now. I'll tell you if i see a difference. Just ran tf2 high settings vsync on constant 60fps and vsync off 45-100fps.
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