Best motherboard for achieving high clock speed with 1055t

I was just wondering if anyone could help me in finding a good motherboard for overclocking my 1055t. It needs to have a high FSB as the mulitplier can only go upto 14x. I am looking to spend about £60-80 on it.

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  1. I've had good luck so far with Gigabyte GA880GA-UD3H. Played with it for a couple of days so far and can hit 3.7GHz (265*14) with no vcore bump. This has integrated Radeon HD4250, though I think they also sell one without. USB 3.0, SATA 6gbps, etc. for 100 USD. Sign me up!

    Before this I had bought a board from MSI. Nothing but nightmares. Fried two of them and neither one lasted more than a couple of hours! Never made it past 240*14.
  2. oops... mistake
    MSI 890GX
    Gigabyte GA880GA-UD3H
    ASRock 890GX Extreme
  3. Hi ZeroKelviN and welcome to Tom's forum.

    This ASRock fit in your budget:
  4. Thanks for the help guys, forgot I even posted here, didnt even realise this was my post untill i seen saint 19s comment LOL. I have been really busy at work etc and hevent been on pc much. Its nice to see experienced users give help to a nooby.
    I've heard mostly good things about the GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H, there was one on ebay that sold for £50 I missed out on by seconds but I suppose it sells on Ebuyer for only £76 brand new. The ASRock Mobo looks like a good fit too. Its just confusing for a nooby trying to pick out a Mobo with all the different makes and models that there is.
    I forgot to say, i dont know if it will make a difference, but the 1055t is the 95w version.
    I was also thinking that I would be willing to spend upto/around £100 on a Mobo. I saw a 'B' grade Asus III formula on overlcockers for £75 just a few minutes ago is that compatible with the 1055t 95 w version ?

    Anyway thanks for the replies guys and if anyone else has any further information that will help me out i will Greatly appreciate it :D.
  5. If you refer to the Crosshair III Formula, yeah it's compatible with the 1055T 95W, but maybe you need a BIOS update to run properly the CPU.

    Mobos with onboard video aren't good for OC.
  6. I see, i was just wondering because I saw a video from Overclock3d saying that the crosshair IV was brilliant with the x6's, i know its the crosshairIV and not the crosshair III but I thought id ask anyway because £75 seems like a good price.
  7. The CH III is an excellent mobo too, it's a CH IV with 790FX + 750SB and for that price is a good option IMO. Look for the Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5, is very good too for good price.
  8. Hey saint just a quick question in your opinion would you rather go for the Gigabyte instead ?
  9. I don't like the mobos with onboard video for OC, but for quality i'd go for it.
  10. Well i'll take your word for it, my brother said a similar thing to me the other day he's pretty clued up with PC's n OC, I've got an OC'd gtx 460 so I suppose im better going for the Gigabyte because the max overclock for my CPU is my main goal. I really wanna push it to 3.6ghz possibly if im lucky 4.0ghz with a good cooler
  11. 3.6GHz is more that sure for the 1055T, the 4GHz aren't impossible but need more work in the BIOS and settings.
  12. Yea I'll need to spend some time with my brother to get a good overclock, we spent about 6 hours the other day trying to get a safe overclock but we couldnt due to the bad motherboard I have just now and a pretty poor cooler.
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