Which brand of 500 GB hard disk is the best


I'm looking to buy a new hard disk for my desktop to replace my faulty one. Can you recommend the best brand and model to buy?
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  1. I like Western Digital, they are reliable, and return for replacement is pretty easy on the website (I've had to return two WD HDDs of some two dozen over the last 12 years). The Black series offers a 5 year warranty.

    Other may offer different opinions.
  2. Is there any software to check hard disk bad sector? My windows 7 OS can't load up completely when power up my desktop pc despite using repair recommended method. It hang half way during window 7 start up. I had sought Acer agent advice and they suspect my Acer hard disk may be faulty.
  3. Try running the W7 install - look for Repair install on the lower left-hand corner of the screen - then choose repair install.
  4. Had tried it but it didn't work. Best solution is to send my desktop pc to Acer agent to have it trouble-shoot and repair it. Thanks for your valued input.
  5. Your welcome, sorry we couldn't solve it.
  6. The WD Caviar Black drives are the best...The F3s are good, but Caviar Black gets my vote.
  7. samsung is the best
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